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Ahead of Print policy

Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

 Full text articles
Investigating the relationship between the symptoms of personality and nightmare disorders among female students in Shahreza
Narjes Salimi Dehaghani, Zahra Yousefi
The effect of narrative therapy on resiliency of women who have referred to counseling centers in Isfahan
Mahdis Ghandehari, Leila Moosavi, Fatemeh Rasooli Jazi, Mozhgan Arefi, Soodabeh Ahmadzadeh
Structural model of the metacognitive beliefs and effect of self-esteem on academic procrastination among Farhangian University students
Ezatolah Ghadampour, Hassanali Veiskarami, Hosain Vejdanparast
Teachers' sense of efficacy scale: Examining the reliability and validity in the Iranian teachers
HasanAli Veiskarami, Ezatollah Ghadampour, MohammadReza Mottaghinia
A study of the impact of smartening schools on creativity and academic achievement among sixth grade students in Meybod in 1392–1393
Fatemeh Behjatiardakani, Soheila Azizi, Ahmad Fatahiardakani
Personality traits in central serous retinopathy patients
Asra Sharifi Najafabadi, Elham Foroozandeh
Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching mindfulness on learning and study strategies of University students of Isfahan Medical Sciences
Ahmadreza Zamani, Farzane Ghasemi, Batul Salehi, Zohre Yari, Rahele Samouei
Effectiveness of the cool-down game in reducing emotional and behavioral problems of hyperactive children
Ezzat Hajimohammadi, Mostafa Najafi, Mozhgan Arefi

 Coming soon

1.  Evaluating Performance of cluster schools in Western Azerbaijan Education
1.  Study of effectiveness of self-regulated learning strategies on math anxiety of dependent cognitive style school students
2.  The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on psychological health, social health and spiritual health of the Patients with Angina Pectoris in Esfahan
3.  Decreasing Mother-Adolescents Conflicts by Social Training Skills
4.  A Study of Pedagogical Aspects of a Virtual University
5.  Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy On depressive Female high school Students
6.  Study of effect of parents life style on academic buoyancy students in Kermansh City in academic year 2014-2015
7.  Content analysis second and third grade math book based on Merrill representation components using the Shannon entrop
8.  Influence of family environment and tobacco addiction: A short report from a post-graduate teaching hospital
9.  The New Face of Learning: Social Media innovating Medical Education.
10.  Exploring Collective Efficacy Sources in the Experiences of Elite Handball Players of Iran National Team: A Qualitative Study
11.  comparison of aspirations between childhood and adolescence
12.  Performance Assessment of Islamic Azad University of Isfahan Branch (Khorasgan) based on EFQM Excellence Model
13.  The effectiveness of group application of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on anxiety, depression and stress among high school students
14.  Relationship of Procrastination with Metacognitive, Emotion, Tolerance of Ambiguity in Students
15.  Effects of entrepreneurial Charactristic of Isfahan school principals on evaluation of educational innovation
16.  Alexithymia, Psychological Signs, Social Support and the Levels of Hematological Parameters in Diabetes
17.  The relation between sleep disorder symptoms and rumination
18.  Comparing alexithymia, interpersonal problems and codependency in persons with high and low psychosomatic symptoms
19.  The effectiveness of emotional schema therapy on the reduction of psychological symptoms of patients with irritable bowel syndrome
20.  A comparison of general health , happiness and hope of the students inside and outside the country
21.  The Relationship between Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Tendency to addiction in
22.  Violence to staff in psychiatric hospitals of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
23.  The Relationship between Attachment Styles, Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement in Students
24.  A comparison of sensation seeking levels between male and female students (15-18 years) of Isfahan
25.  The Effect of Teaching the Modification of Parent-Child Relationships and Conflict Management on the Flexibility of Parenting Styles of the Mothers Whose Children are in Elementary Schools
26.  Relationship between basic psychological needs satisfaction with resilience and marital satisfaction in teachers
27.  Moderating role of depression relation to physical activity and quality of life in Low -income children
28.  Comparison of Effects of Computer Games on Critical Thinking and Metacognition among Students of Ordinary and Smart School
29.  The impact of participatory teaching methods on academic achievement and emotional intelligence of vocational and technical high school female students in mental health course (Isfahan, District 5
30.  Effectiveness of Cognitive Learning Strategies on Test Anxiety and School Performance Students
31.  The mediational pathway among Academic Emotions, Self-regulated Learning, Academic Motivation with Academic Achievement of High School Students
32.  A comparison of psychological capital, perceived social support and pro-social personality in the parents of the children with physical-motor and mental disability (double disability) in the cities of Vancouver (Canada) and Isfahan (Iran)
33.  The Effectiveness of Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy on Affection Control of Anxious Women in Esfahan
34.  Predicting burnout on the components of hardiness components (challenge, commitment, and control) in caregivers of physically, mentally and multiple retarded people in the organization of wellbeing (Isfahan)
1.  The Supporting Roles of Academic Librarians in Virtual Education
2.  The effectiveness of group reality therapy on resiliency and meaning of life